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The Author’s Comments

I started this website because I felt that I had gained some insight into some topics that others rarely seem to have - specifically topics 1 & 5.  I thought perhaps some would find these topics of value.  Then people encouraged me by saying that I explained things well, so I added topics that are well known by most trained musicians but still are not well known by the average singer.  

I would appreciate any comments about what works and what doesn’t work and how I could make the presentations better.  I would also be very interested in your progress and/or frustrations in your learning journey in singing. Any comments are appreciated.  Click on my E-Mail Address to send me a message.


These are topics developed by Ted Norton, a retired Houghton College, NY music professor where I was Coordinator of Music Education for 37 years.  Especially since retirement, I have been an active member of the Barbershop Harmony Society both in singing and in teaching.  Along with my lovely wife Nan, we have 5 wonderful children, 8 grandchildren with five great-grandchildren.  I was born in 1928 (You do the math).

            Corduroy Quartet 




     1. Introduction to Sight Singing (Vocal Music Reading)

  1.        1a. A Track for Beginners

  2.        1b. A Track for Improving the Skills You Already Know

  3.        1c. Additional Sight Singing Information

    2. Memorizing Music


    3. How Well Do I Sing? - A Checklist

    4. Singing Better Thru Proper Breathing

     5. Singing Better Thru  Register Understanding

    6. Singing Better Thru Vowel & Consonant Understanding

     7. Intonation - Singing In Tune

     8. Learning to Harmonize

     9. Vocal Health, Warm-Ups & Singing Craft

   10. Beyond the Fundamentals - Interpretation & the Visual


     11. Determining How Difficult An Arrangement Is.

     12. Understanding Chord Members

     13. Understanding Minor in Music

     14. Acoustics - The Science of Sound


     15. Music Team Responsibilities

     16. Directing a Chorus

     17. Chapter and Quartet Management

     18. Keeping Smaller Chapters Going


     19. Working With Middle School Boys

     20. Working With Inaccurate Singers - Children & Adults

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