1. Introduction to Sight Singing (Vocal Music Reading)

Vocal Music Reading!


Do you wish that you could look at a page of music and be able to sing your part without help from an instrument or someone else?  That’s what Sight Singing is all about.

        Sight Singing is like traveling across a bridge

                from the notation to the sound.

The key is to build a bridge by “thoroughly learning a System” of which there are 3 possible Systems that can do this bridging - (1) Letter Names, (2) Intervals & (3) Scale Degrees (either Syllables or Numbers).  Here is a diagram showing the component parts of what we are talking about.  Study it carefully.

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Then in addition to learning a Bridge System you also need to know several things about how music is Notated on the page.  For  many of you you have picked these notational things up in your instrumental training. If not, we will present these after we deal with the most important area of Pitch (Note Sounds).

But before we get to either of those, let’s look at the levels of sight singing skills that you might already be on.  Please  go on that page.

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