Singing Craft 1-3

Breathing,Tone Production, Vowels


There and multitudinous Craft Exercises and concepts to help us improve our singing.  Each specific exercise should have a specific goal based on the need.

Some of the goal categories might be:

  1. 1.Breathing

  2. 2.Tone Production

  3. 3.Vowel and Diphthong

  4. 4.Scale Degree Recognition

  5. 5.Interval Recognition

  6. 6.Range Extension

  7. 7.Passaggio Smoothing

  8. 8.Intonation

  9. 9.Dynamics or Volume

  10. 10.Chord Hearing & Balance

  11. 11.Interpretation


Breathing definitely needs to be “Diaphragmatic Breathing”

(expanding at the gut) NOT “Costal Breathing” (lifting the chest).  For exercises on Breathing, see my topic on “Singing Better Thru Proper Breathing”


“SOFT PALATE” HIGH. A very important aspect of good tone production is to keep the soft palate high.  This means the back upper roof of the mouth is  ALWAYS raised when singing.  Here are some exercises to get the feel of the Lifted Soft Palate:

  1. 1.Pretend you are about to sneeze.  The “ah” of the “ah-choo” is the raised palate.

  2. 2.Pretend to sip thru a straw.  Feel how the back roof of the mouth feels.

  3. 3. Sniff phlegm from your throat.

  4. 4.And here is an exercise to remind people how to sing.


Here are two exercises for working on purity of vowels and diphthongs. 

  1. 1.The first, “LAZY MOUTHED EXERCISE” deals with concepts presented in another of my websites, “Better Singing Thru Vowel & Consonant Understanding”.  The goal for 1-5 is to get all the diphthongs sound in clearly.  For 6-8 it’s to get proper vowel sounds.

  2. 2.SPEED EXERCISE: The second is to work on speed in correcting these problems as it is much harder if the time is short.

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