Tone Production



Another cause of intonation problems is tone quality.  A tight, heavy tone quality can cause flatting.  Particularly register control can be the culprit.  See my website on “Singing Better Thru Register Understanding”.  Even a slightly off register adjustment can cause flatting.  High breathing can contribute to a heavy quality since it tends to cause tension in the voice box area.  


Many barbershop singers are required by their part to sing out of their range.  Especially some leads have not developed the ability to properly use their “register control muscles” as they ascend toward the falsetto register.  They need to work on sotto voce singing and the passaggio. (See the above cited website.)   Leads are often leads because they want or need to sing the melody, not because that is their best part range wise for their current stage of development.  If they find it difficult to control the sotto voce area and use a head voice, they might be better off singing either bass or baritone and work on singing a harmony part.  Though the baritone range is about the same as lead, it doesn’t require strong singing on the upper notes which is where the problem occurs.  Another solution used by an adept director, may be to suggest alternate notes at certain points for the Lead singers with this problem.

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