Alert Singing



Probably the  most common reason for flat singing is lack of effort.  But lack of effort is hardly ever intentional and should not be chided.  People may come to a singing activity, tired and weary after a day of exertion - whether physical, mental, emotional or any combination of the three.  Our vitality may be low because of excessive heat and/or humidity and some days we’re just not feeling well.  Regardless we have to sing in tune  and so we must approach singing with vitality and alertness.  We need to be knowledgeable of where our problems are and then be alert when they come up.  Even soft, peaceful sections require intense attention to sing well.  Part of our warm-up routine should be to wake up our minds as well as our bodies to get us ready for the task of singing.  It’s more than a physical problem and the solution is mental determination to compensate for our current weakness.  Rather that chiding others for not singing in tune, we should motivate them to energetically come to the task.


Particularly notes in the upper extremes of our modal voice take more energy.  A large jump to this area requires solid attention.  Easy, relaxed singing will not do it.


Long notes are also particularly problematic.  We can sometimes get away with fast in-between-note not being right on, but when we land on a longer note they need to be correct. 

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