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1c. Other Sight Singing Information

Staff Chart



if you are teaching Sight Singing in a group setting, there are certain procedures that are quite helpful.  In a group setting some will “get it” faster than others, making the others dependent on them - NOT what we want!  Thus as a leader, discipline yourself to follow the following procedure at least at the beginning.  This is very important! 

Point or tell them what you want them to say or sing, then say “Think”, followed by “Sing” or “Say”.  depending on what you are teaching.

Probably work on Number Ladder activities on the next page extensively first.   Go to Number Ladder page first.   Later come back here and work on the Staff Chart as that helps to make the transition to actual music.

This Page & Staff Chart is primarily for group instruction.


Use this Chart to practice transferring the Solfege Syllables or Scale Degree Numbers to the Staff.

This can be used after the “Scale Degree System is well established. using either the “Syllable or Number Ladder” or the “Scale, Key Chord and Whole/Half Step Warm Ups”.


Point to a position in the center column for the Regular Diatonic Syllables then to the left column for the Sharp Chromatic Syllables and to the right column for the Flat Chromatic Syllables.

VERY IMPORTANT:  Ignore the Sharps and Flats that may be in the Key Signature.  As an illustration, if you are in the key of Ab, “Do” or “1” will be in the Center Column, “Di” or “1#” (“A” natural) will be in the Left Column, and “Ra” or “2b” (“B” double flat) will be in the Right Column.  Be sure you understand this.

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