Memorizing Music



On the previous page we said it’s helpful to understand the organization of the song and that we need to concentrate on - “the slightly-similar”, but this brings up another mistake we make in trying to memorize music. 

It’s not just the problem area that need our focus.  We also need to know WHEN to think about the problem.  You need to think of the problem area BEFORE you get to it.  It takes our brain a moment to process what we are thinking before we can put it into action.  In other words, we need to attach the problem area to the previous phrase so that when we arrive at the “previous phrase” we start thinking about the problem coming up.  Then mentally we will be ready for the real problem.  This is not automatic.  We are always tempted to focus just on the problem area.  Instead, think of the problem AND when you have to think of it.  This works for both note and word problems - even tone production problems.

So you must THINK THE PROBLEM SOLUTION WHILE IN IT’S PREVIOUS PHRASE to be ready to accomplish the solution.  This will help you a lot in solving memory problems.

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