My Credentials


If your an experienced chorus director you may wonder what I think I may have to offer you.  Perhaps not much if you are trained chorus directors but then again, you may find some tidbits as you read thru these pages.

As for my credentials, I was Coordinator of Music Education at Houghton College for 37 years and part of my tasks were to place and observe Student Teachers in music.  So I’ve seen a bunch of various “Cooperating Teachers” as well as the students that were placed with them.  One of the pleasures (usually), was to conference with the Cooperating Teacher and the Student Teacher after observing what had happened in the choral rehearsal or other teaching session.  I also directed a high school chorus for many years.

Having said that, I have also observed some things in various situations, as a barbershopper.  I have directed a barbershop chorus for a few years and probably learned more from my mistakes as a director than from any successes.  One of my most valuable learning experiences as a director what when I co-directed a chorus with a person who was very different from me.  Though it took a couple of years of tension, we got to the places where we got along very well and complimented each other’s weaknesses very well.  I learned a  lot from Mike.

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