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1b. A Track for improving the Skills You Already Know

Our Approach


As we said on the previous page, we will be using the Scale Degree Numbers System.

There are 2 areas we need to develop - Note Sounds and Information.


We’ll start by developing the 3 Basic Sets of Note Sounds - “Scales”, “Key Chord Jumps” and “Whole & Half Steps”.  We’ll do these 3 Sets of Note Sounds by using them as Warm-Up exercises   So work at each Warm-Up until you are thoroughly confident of their intervals.

What we are doing is mainly developing an Association between the Scale Degree Number Names and their Sounds.  The repetition in each Note Sound Set is important to develop this Association.  Each Warm-Up needs to be thoroughly learned as your basic skill set in vocal reading.



Also we need to learn 3 essential Sets of Information.  We have 3 sheets to help in learning these 3 important things.  Here they are.

1) “Key Signatures

Knowing the Key Signature Rules are essential to position the Note Sound on the Staff.

  1. 2)The “Helping Tone Concept

With the “Helping Tone Concept” you can accurately make any jump to any note we have’t learned in the “3 Sets of Note Sounds we mentioned above.  You see there is no note that is more than a Whole Step away from any Key Chord note. 

3) The “Chromatics Rules

  The Chromatic Rules Information needs to be learned as they are  quite confusing to many - especially the relationship between Chromatics and Measure Bar.

With these 6 Sets (Scale Sounds, Key Chord Sounds. Whole & Half Step Sounds, Key Signature knowledge, Helping Tone Concept knowledge and Chromatic Rules knowledge) we can find any pitch and be an Independent Sight Singer.  That may seem a lot, and it will take a while but it will make you a Competent Vocal Sight Singer which will serve you for the rest of your life. It’s worth it!

P.S.: there are 2 additional areas that we assume you have already picked up - Rhythm and Page Symbols such as Repeats etc.  If you need help in these, we’ll present them at the end.  So first we need to work on Note Sounds.

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