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1a. A Track for Beginners

The Keyboard


It’s quite helpful to know your way around the keyboard so let’s work on that a bit.  Using a keyboard to plunk out notes to a songs may be very useful to you.

First notice that the keyboard has groups of 3 black keys and 2 black keys that alternate up and down the whole keyboard.  It is critical to understand this, as the letter names are related to where they are in reference to their black key group.  That’s the way we find our way around on the keyboard.

The most important note to remember is “C”.  “C” is just to the left of every set of TWO (2) black keys.  For the novice, it would seem like it would be better to start with “A” but it makes more sense MUSICALLY to zero in on “C”, as a “C” major scales is all white keys and so is foundational.  And you will see, the major scale is the foundation of almost all music.  So memorize that “C” is just to the left of a set of 2 black keys. (Middle “C” is the “C” closest to center of the keyboard.)

As we have said before, there are only 7 different letter that we use in music - A to G, then we start over.

Once you’ve memorized the position of the “C’s” it would be good to work on “E” which is just to the right of the 2 black keys. and then focus in on “G” which is the lower white key in the middle of the 3 black keys.  “C, E & G” make up the “C Chord”. the   main chord in the key of “C”.

As you use the keyboard more, you will need to know all the different letter positions in reference to their specific black key set, but that’s not essential right now.

  Use the previous page to relate the notes on the keyboard to the notes on the page (The Notation).

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