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1a. A Track for Beginners

Letter Names


Music is written on two slightly

different staves. The two staves

make up a “Grand Staff” with

the top one being the “Treble

staff and the lower one being

the “Bass” staff.  We have 7

different letter in music, A to G

and then we start over again at

the octave.  Knowing the letter

names is helpful as they clarify

the octave between say, lower E

and upper E.

The treble staff spaces are

easily remembered since they

spell the word FACE.  For the

bass staff, use the mnemonic

All Cars Eat Gas” or “All Cows Eat Grass” which ever you prefer.

Take time to memorize the spaces as with these 2 things you can easily go up or down for all the lines.  Remember we only use 7 letters so going down from “A” the next will be “G”.

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