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1a. A Track for Beginners

Keyboard and Staves


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This is another view

to show how the

letters fit on the

various staves and

also on the

musical keyboard.

As we said, the

letters go from

A to G and then

start over again,


repeating the 7

letters. Study

this chart until

you understand

the system. That’s

the important

thing: to understand

the system.

Notice the 8 at the

bottom of the

“Barbershop G Clef”

as that means it’s an

octave below the regular Treble Clef in order to put it in the men’s singing range for Tenor and Lead.  Thus the 1st space F in the Barbershop Treble Clef is the exact same pitch as the 4th line F in the Barbershop Bass Clef and in the same octave as we have them lined up in the chart.

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